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Melted Crayon in Dryer: How to Remove It?

Opening the dryer and finding colorful streaks or stains on your once solid-colored clothes is scary. The culprit in this situation is the crayon in the dryer, which was accidentally put there. As a result of exposure to hot water, it will gradually melt, and paint will leak onto things. It will continue until you get rid of it completely. If you want to protect your clothes and remove chalk from the drum, then we have put together some effective tips for you on how to solve this problem.

melted crayon in dryer

How to Get Melted Crayon Out of the Dryer Quickly?

Crayon in the dryer is a real danger for appliances. But at the same time, these products are susceptible to heat and react to exposure to WD-40. If you’re wondering how to clean crayons out of the dryer, you’ll need the following:

  • a credit card or small plastic spatula;
  • hair dryer;
  • a cloth or rag;
  • WD-40 spray;
  • dish detergent.

If you have gathered all the necessary kit, you can move on to the entire process of how to get crayon stains out of the dryer:

  1. Treat clothes that have been dyed with wax. Before cleaning the technique, it’s a good idea to inspect the items you’ve pulled out and find any colored stains there. The fabric should be treated quickly since the crayon has already dried up. To thoroughly clean the clothes, you need to use WD-40 spray. You will have to make several attempts for complete removal.
  2. Remove the chalk from the surface of the dryer drum. Scrape the remaining wax from the drum with a credit card. Proceed as carefully as possible. A credit card is best for this task because of its size. Do not use sharp metal objects, as this will scratch the dryer’s interior.
  3. Warm up with a hair dryer. If you couldn’t altogether remove the pencil residue in the previous steps, it’s worth warming it up with a hair dryer. Maintain a distance of 6 inches between the hair dryer and the drum. This way, you can heat the wax and remove it quickly. You can also remove the heated wax with soapy water. You can heat the wax with more than just a hair dryer – you can turn on an empty dryer for 15 minutes to allow the wax to soften so it can be easily removed.
  4. Spray WD 40 on a sponge. Spray a little WD 40 spray on the sponge and wipe the drum surface with the attached crayon, continuing to rub until the wax is completely removed. Next, tap the cleaned surface with a cloth soaked in soapy water to remove the WD 40.
  5. Treat the drum with a cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. Finally, wash the drum surface with a small amount of detergent. It can also be done with baking soda powder. You can fully use the equipment only after you are 100% sure that the inside of the drum is empty and clean.

If you are wondering how to remove melted crayons from the dryer in the best possible way so that no trace is left behind, you should also turn the drum inside and carefully inspect all its walls. Sometimes the crayon may be in relatively hard-to-reach places, or there may be several particles in the drum at once. To check if the crayon is inside, take a white cloth and carefully wipe all surfaces inside the drum.

3 Tips How to Clean Crayon Stains Out of a Dryer

Crayon stains in dryers can be a real problem. If you want to use your appliances without worrying about the condition of your stuff, it’s worth studying our guide on how to get crayons out of the dryer, which consists of several steps. These steps do not require the use of special tools. Everything you need can be found in almost every home.

how to remove melted crayon from dryer

№. 1: Apply detergent to a rag or sponge

If you are wondering how to remove crayons from the dryer, you should first take a rag or sponge and moisten it with hot water. Rub the stains thoroughly in the dryer to remove the crayon. First, it is worth examining the drum in the dryer well for the presence of colored spots – this is the crayon. At the same time, you should not scrape off its remnants with small pieces. It is necessary to carefully remove the color marks with a rag, while without the use of detergent.

No. 2: Clean hard-to-reach spots with an old toothbrush and cleanser

Take a toothbrush and sprinkle some scouring powder on it. Use it to remove melted crayons in dryer corners, cracks, and other hard-to-reach places where they can get stuck. In this situation, you should act very carefully so as not to damage the surface of the drum. It is best in this case to use loose powder for cleaning pots or plumbing. It has small enough abrasive particles that allow you to accurately place the chalk in difficult places.

No. 3: Rinse off the cleaner

Wet the rag or sponge again. Use it to wipe the removed wax from the surface of the drum. Gradually wipe off the crayon and wet the rag again, wiping the surface and eliminating excess detergent from the drum.

After this stage, you can safely use the dryer. You can even do a test run by throwing in things you don’t mind seeing how well you removed the crayon.

  • What's the best way to remove melted crayon from a dryer?
    First, remove any large pieces of crayon using a plastic scraper or credit card. Then, apply a solution of equal parts hot water and vinegar to a clean cloth and rub the affected areas. Rinse with hot water and repeat as necessary.
  • Can I still use my dryer if there's melted crayon in it?
    No, it's not safe to use the dryer if there's melted crayon inside. The heat from the dryer can cause the crayon to spread and stain other items.
  • How can I prevent melted crayon from getting into the dryer in the future?
    Make sure to check all pockets before putting clothes in the dryer, and consider using a mesh laundry bag for small or delicate items.

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