Terms & Conditions

Payment and Conditions of Service Provision

It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with terms of service at time of scheduling and prior to allowing our technician to commence provision of service. Scheduling of service with us implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions as detailed, as does allowing our technician to commence service. Acting either for yourself or for the party listed on electronic or paper work order you agree to pay all the following where applicable: any unpaid balance upon completion, 24% APR Interest and service charges on any past due balance, a $30 service fee if your check or credit card is not honored by the bank, necessary handling and return charges if your work order is canceled in an untimely fashion, and any necessary collection costs, including attorney’s fees. Payment is due on provision of service unless terms have been agreed or other previous arrangements have been made.

Cancellation of Service

When scheduling service with us, we specifically take time out a technicians’ day to call on your location and service your product. When you forget, cancel, or change your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our wait list miss the opportunity to receive services which in turn results in a loss of revenue which cannot be recovered. We also incur shipping and handling costs in addition to any parts purchased to complete a customer approved repair. You agree to pay these shipping and handling costs as well as the cost of the parts if they are nonreturnable. Consequently, we reserve the right to charge an amount equal to 100% of the service call amount for any appointment missed, canceled, or changed without 8 hours’ notice or otherwise mutually agreed. 

Service Call

For the Service Call (also known as “Diagnostic Call or Inspection Call”, the appliance must be installed and accessible to the service technician. The Service Call fee includes the trip to the customers’ location, the initial inspection, diagnosis, and written estimate of repair. The Service Call fee is NOT refundable, In case of consent to the repair, the service call fee is included in the total cost of the repair. Our technicians cannot change or modify any previously agreed upon charges. They can add charges if additional services are requested or required. In case access to the unit is not provided by the customer, additional fees may apply for the work performed to access the unit.

Based on the customer’s description of the issue, the Winline Technology LLC service technician will diagnose the unit and determine what repair(s) will be necessary to resolve the issue(s). Due to the complexity of some appliances there can be additional underlying problems which cannot be determined until an “initial repair” is made. In the event an appliance has an underlying problem(s) an additional free diagnosis along with an additional revised estimate and diagnosis will be provided. 

If a technician cannot duplicate the customer’s complaint on the unit, the customer will be responsible for the service call fee. If the technician arrives and no problem is present, it will be considered as a diagnosis of “No problem found” or “Operating properly”. The customer will be responsible for the service call fee. If the problem is found to be intermittent, it may not be able to be diagnosed. Intermittent problems are not always apparent and cannot always be traced. The only time such a problem can be traced is when the problem actually exists. The customer will be responsible for the Service Call fee on an intermittent problem. 

If the problem is caused, or possibly caused by a source other than the appliance itself, the technician may recommend an examination by an outside trade contractor to confirm or rule out the possible cause or problem. The customer is fully responsible for any expenses, cost and payment for any examinations or services performed by outside trade contractors. The customer will be responsible to pay Winline Technology LLC their service call fee.

Multiple Appliances

Winline Technology LLC often makes appointments for customers with multiple appliances. At Winline Technology LLC’s discretion, a discounted Service Call fee will be charged for each additional appliance. Other than this discounted Service Call fee, all other terms of our Service Call apply. Our technicians CANNOT inspect, check, discuss, recommend, or “look at” any appliance without first documenting the appliance in our records and charging the appropriate Service Call fee.


Repair estimates are NOT based on an hourly rate. They are based on many factors including complexity, difficulty, risk, tools, training, supplies required, and many other factors. Our technicians cannot change or modify any previously agreed upon charges. They can add charges if additional services are requested or required. In case access to the unit is not provided by the customer, additional fees may apply for the work performed to access the unit.


Our Repair warranty in regard to additional appliance issues or a manufacturer’s part failure from 30 to 180 days (depending on the warranty period for spare parts from the manufacturer). Repair warranty is void if there has been additional work or inspections performed or damage caused by a third party. The Repair warranty is also void if the customer chooses not to repair the appliance as diagnosed. There is no warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if involving what appear to be identical symptoms), or against incidental damages. Parts carry the manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 30-180 days dependent on manufacturer. Since these parts are subject to availability from the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee the time it will take to obtain these parts. Repair charges (excluding warranty parts costs) will apply if beyond the Service Call and Repair warranty period or if these warranties are void.

Intermittent Condition

There is absolutely no labor warranty on any unit with an intermittent problem. Since the problem is not always apparent, it cannot be traced. The only time such a problem can be traced is when the problem actually exists.

Limitation of Liability

In the event inspections or repairs cannot be performed, are delayed for any reason, or are not successful, our liability for damages including consequential damages is limited to the amount actually paid by the customer.


We confirm that the Winline Technology LLC has insurance (COI) for 1,000,000$ Possible costs associated with risks will be covered with this COI.

Damage Waivers

It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with waivers we have in place surrounding the provision of any services we provide. These waivers are applicable for all work performed and are assumed and accepted once you allow our technician to commence provision of service.

Waiver of Damages When Moving Appliance

You understand there is inherent risk in such movement. There is risk of damage to the machine itself, and to areas surrounding its installation, including but not limited to flooring, cabinetry and counter tops. You acknowledge the technician is not required to move the appliance. In exchange for his willingness to do so, you promise to hold faultless, both the technician and Winline Technology LLC, from any and every liability associated with any such damage as may occur in connection with this movement.

Waiver of Damages from Lifting Glass Cook Top

You understand that, in lifting a glass/ceramic cooktop surface to access components below it, there is an inherent risk of breakage. The top is attached with strong adhesive, and it is not always possible to achieve separation without the surface fracturing. While expecting the technician to exercise every due level of care, you nevertheless recognize that the Technician and Winline Technology LLC explicitly refrain from accepting any responsibility for these risks. You agree all such risks are your own (and/or your company’s) alone, and you agree to hold harmless and exempt from liability Winline Technology LLC, it’s agents and employees from any and all such responsibility. By allowing the technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Warranty / Extended Warranty / Service Contract Liability Release

Winline Technology LLC may perform work on a customer’s appliance(s) that is under a Manufacturer’s Warranty, Extended Warranty, or a Service Contract. This repair will be made for due consideration. The customer confirms that this repair will be paid for by customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to seek any payment or reimbursement from the manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty, or service contract if applicable. Customer also agrees that the liability for the cost of this repair is not waived and agree to be personally responsible for the cost of this repair in the event the manufacturer / service contract company / extended warranty provider fails to pay any portion of the charges for any reason. In the event that the customer is directly billed for all or a portion of the cost of repairs, customer agrees to remit said charges immediately, as well as the reasonable cost of collection, including any attorney fees. Having been advised and understanding the service technician will be as careful as possible in undertaking the repairs, I hereby release Winline Technology LLC, its successors in interest; its past, present, and future owners, officers, directors, agents, employees, technicians, insurers, reinsurers and assigns for any and all liability, actual, express and implied, of damages, damage costs or expenses of any kind arising out of and in the course of Winline Technology LLC, its agents or employees undertraining to repair any or all of your appliances. 

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